I always suspected that this one female ninensei at my school was totally the Haruka Tenou of the school just in her swagger alone

But my suspicions were confirmed when she walked by ESS club today and all the girls ran to the window to watch her go by in her handball uniform while shouting “Arizaaa kakkooiiiii!! ikemenn nee!!!”  ”neee!!!” at each other.

Get it, Ariza. Make all the girls give you chocolates on valentines day. 

JET Year 2 goals:

  • Get more involved locally and make more local friends. I started out well at this and then dropped the ball as the year went on.
  • Keep my apartment cleaner on a day in and day out basis. Clutter stresses me out.
  • Organize my kitchen again.
  • Travel more but also travel less. Or more appropriately, do it on my own terms and not because of some sense of obligation to attend every event (which is hard since I did join AJET.)
  • Travel with different people. Try to travel alone (I’m very bad at this but starting small weekend trips and working my way up will be good)
  • Invite people to my place more often. Stop viewing my town and apartment as useless because the more I look, the more I realize that isn’t true.
  • Get more stranger action.
  • Don’t fall again for someone emotionally distant.
  • Chose friends more wisely. Don’t do anything out of a sense of obligation or politeness.
  • Go to the cat lighthouse at least once every other week for my mental health.
  • Keep up the good turn my classes have taken. More planning in advance and less stressing.
  • Organize a folder of every lesson plan for each class. Get rid of all the old material that fills my entire desk.
  • Start pushing my boundaries more at work, though. Live a bit more like my predecessor did.
  • Improve my Japanese enough to hopefully pass the JLPT N4 in December. 
  • Save more money… just in case I don’t stay a third year.
  • Figure out if it is worth doing this for another year.

Saying goodbye is weird and I miss people a lot already.

Heartbroken that one of my best students fathers is not allowing her to go to university after she worked this hard to get there. He says she has to start providing for the family and get a job instead.

Never did I think in my life I would be stressed and tearing up over students futures. But these are the best kids in the school and having someone take her dream from her sends me into a righteous fury.

I wish I knew more about how Japanese universities work so I could give her fight the power advice. Teach her how to backflip over the patriarchy and flip them all off while walking out.

thank god I`m alone in the staffroom because i just yelped over a boy

send help


All of the cats #dundundundunnanananana #allofthecats

meoventures and I found where all the ghost cats in our town live.
We will be moving in there within a week.


All of the cats #dundundundunnanananana #allofthecats

meoventures and I found where all the ghost cats in our town live.

We will be moving in there within a week.


Closeup of Tokyo Tower Blood Moon Eclipse April 15, 2014 by branandtan on Flickr.


Closeup of Tokyo Tower Blood Moon Eclipse April 15, 2014 by branandtan on Flickr.

I cant decide what I want to do for summer break and my school wants me to turn in a form saying what I want to do by tomorrow


Great three day weekend, mostly

+ Beach party with friends with skinny dipping and phosphorescent plankton

+/- Made out and blew the guy I’ve been thirsty for forever (but then he didn’t reciprocate and I yelled at him apparently, which I don’t recall due to being quite drunk — but neither does he. I am still thirsty and have no shame and now am determined.)

- Lost my brand new rat heart necklace at the beach unless its really hidden in one of my bags. It was expensive and I’m really depressed about it.

- Lost my contacts stupidly at the hostel when I took them off, I assume I just entirely missed the contacts case. They were my last set so now I really have to step up to get an appointment this week.

-/+ Thought I lost my apartment keys but found them in my car trunk, having fallen out when my friend threw my purse back there last week.

+ Went on an amazing road trip to Matsuyama with two of my friends and saw a lot of amazing things and ate the best sashimi in my life. Also, Ham katsu. A fucking life changer.

+ Got hit on by some Japanese men in an izakaya and they wanted us to drink with them. We made them flip a coin to see if we would. It was in their favor so we did, and they paid for everything. 

+ So much good real talk with great people, and real talk with people I would never expect it from and made me see them in a new light.

Mad jealous of everyone with closing ceremonies today

I still got another week (one of my schools doesn’t close for a week and a half but thankfully I don’t go there anymore until September)