Wound up in a yakuza bar last night. Good life choices.



Nagoya living



Nagoya living


I find it so hard to keep in touch with friends at home. I miss you. I love you. I didn’t forget about you. Forgive me

Graduated students wishing me happy birthday touches my black soul that always expects disappointment on her birthday


I made tacos for the teachers for lunch today with my JTE, including cutie teacher

I had to fold his taco for him he was so hopeless and he ate it and shouted umai

So basically I’m well on my way to being a shufu now

Been realizing lately the more he talks to me in adorable japenglish the more I am feeling the “new” (since April so not really) science teacher.

Oh crapppp here I go again

This weekend I learned


I am highly allergic to Japanese Mosquitos.

My bites here swell up SO HUGE and ridiculous and leak nastiness for days and it is so gross. And they always bite me. Everyone makes fun of me for like not wanting to go outside or having bug spray because they’re all fine… that’s because the mosquitoes are biting me, dummies. I am the sacrificial lamb.

Got 7000 yen in gas for 3000 yen this morning thanks to the attendant making a mistake and accidentally filling my entire tank up. I made it clear I only wanted 3000 yen and even showed money to be clear, and he repeated it back at me. But he was dopey and forgot I guess, because after conversing with his boss he came back and only made me pay for what I ordered and not the extra.

So I just got 4000 yen in free gas.

Thanks dude for making my week!

Just out of curiosity due to a conversation with a male friend who can’t begin to understand,

How many of you female ALTs are routinely sexually harassed by either students or coworkers?