so tokyo is hosting the 2020 olympics just like akira predicted. i hope they do akira themed events such as: motorcycle fights, government overthrowing, and of course the classic mutating into a giant beast and destroying the world.

My JTE is the most magical person on earth for me in this tiny japanese town

She came to me asking if we could do not only gay rights within class, but about civil rights in america with a focus on Ferguson. 

I am seriously blessed to have students smart enough to handle discussion of these topics and a JTE who recognizes that and  is eager and willing to challenge their minds with it. When they graduate in April I think I might literally not be able to handle it.

Hot hipster dj from a show we went to told me I was beautiful and that he wanted to drink beers together and next time I am in the city to stay with him

Gladly will fall for it


when kids stare at you for a long time


One boy in my favorite class at my technical high school today said at the start of class that he sees me at the Mcdonalds all the time.

:( And here I thought I was cutting back.




So there’s an upcoming sake festival in Hiroshima on October 11-12 (the 13th is also a holiday), anyone else going??!
I’d love to make friends with ALTs in other parts of Japan so if anyone else is coming or wants to, please let me know & maybe we can down a cup together!

Bumping this- as the resident tumblr Hiroshima ALT -

I guess tumblr jet meet up at this years sake fest?

I will also be there and Meoventures and kiminjapan will too. LETS ALL MEET UP AND DRINK SAKE.
It was a shitshow last year and is fantastic. Japanese people passing out everywhere, kissing in the streets. Long live sake festival.

I danced to September for my sannensei culture class today.

Some semi professional singer came. IDK.

Some semi professional singer came. IDK.